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Start Sending Texts(sms) Today!

2way text(sms) Marketing

Respond directly to a 2way conversation.  Send a mass text to many people or just one person.  Very personal and secure.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile and Web!  Android & Apple. We've got you covered.  Just bootup your app and start sending texts. FAST!

No "getting ignored"

Send a bulk text sms message so you can connect with more prospects, leads and customers!

No Clutter, No Confusion

Who really needs all the bells and whistles, more buttons to push and actions to take?  TextHub is simple, easy and intuitive so you can start sending texts in less than 5 minutes!

Play Well With Others

Connect with your CRM, email autoresponder and other software tools and systems.  TextHub has API access so you can work seamlessly and efficiently across all your work platforms.

Custom Reporting Graphs

Get a quick overview of each of your contact lists.  See who you sent a message to, best time, and how many texts were made to each contact within a list.  Knowing your data will increase your success exponentially!
Your upper hand to closing and keeping more deals!
Why Your Business Needs 2way Bulk Text(sms) marketing?
Let's face it.  Our lives today are mobile!  
And we need to be able to do our jobs and run our businesses while on the go.  

Here are some of the industry's that our 
current customers are in: Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, Entreprenuers, Recruiters, Direct Sellers, Network Marketers, Collection Centers, Fundraisers, and Outside Sales Reps.  And we are sure many more!
How Can TextHub Help You?
  • Increase sales- More touches you have with your contacts the more likely they become customers
  • Talk to more prospects, leads and customers- Text your contacts so you can reach more
  • Save time- Utilize your travel time by making calls 
  • Higher productivity- Get more done during work hours so you can enjoy life outside of work
Our Promise To You
Our goal is to give you a 10x ROI!
Your prospects, leads, and customers are not a number. They are people just like you and I. If you have a real conversation with them to figure out what their needs are at EVERY stage of the sales cycle. 
 All your goals will be exceeded!
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