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Mass Text Messaging

Mass Text Messaging

Keep In Touch With Your Customers, Fans and Colleagues

TextHub’s Mass Text Messaging solution allows you to send unlimited personalized text messages directly to your customers, fans or colleagues via our easy to use online interface. Simply select the recipients, all or groups enter your message and send.

What we offer with our mass text messaging solution:

  • Send UNLIMITED messages for one low monthly fee
  • Allow users to signup for Specific Groups
  • Schedule the time for your message to send out
  • Each message is personalized with the recipient’s name
  • Easy to use online interface
  • Allow users to send replies for two-way communication

Smart Auto Replies

Dedicated Customer Support via Text Messaging

Dedicated Customer Support via Text Messaging phone number will automatically reply to the sender and can conduct other actions. Allow customers to query your text assistant for specials, promotions, hours, directions, pricing and more.

You can quickly and easily setup unlimited auto replies to do the following actions, your potential is endless:

  • Send a pre-defined message back
  • Forward the message to an email address
  • Connect to a web service for more information
  • Forward the message to another mobile number
  • Add the response to survey results
  • Post the message on a web site
Smart Auto Replies
Schedule Unlimited Reminders

Schedule Unlimited Reminders

Easily set schedules and send reminders as text message

With TextHub’s Reminder Service we have created the simplest way to set your own scheduled reminders, setup reminders for your customers, or build reminders into your existing applications. Text Message Reminders are the best way to communicate appointments, weekly tasks, RSVP reminders and the easiest way not to forget.

Whether you have your own accounting firm, doctor’s office, night club or a client service business text reminders are a perfect fit.

Solution Integration

Integrate with Texthub’s Software

TextHub has built an extensive API to easily allow you to integrate TextHub functionality directly into your existing web site and/or applications. Simply connect to our API, post a message and TextHub will do the rest. We now open up a world of text message reminders, updates, notifications and more.

No matter what your business or your end solution offers, TextHub’s integrated solution will assist in advancing your opportunities:

  • Built on Web Services Technology
  • Full API with Integration Examples
  • Integrate into any solution
Solution Integration

A Glimpse on How It Works

It’s simple as 1-2-3

Capture Mobile Numbers

1. Capture Mobile Numbers
Make it easy for your customers to add their mobile number by adding the TextHub signup form directly on your website. Or you can easily import names and phone numbers directly into the admin system.

Send Your Message

2. Send Your Message
With TextHub you can send mass personalized messages to individual groups (or all) simply from our online interface or directly from your Windows Mobile Phone. We even give you the option to schedule the delivery of your message, so you’re always prepared.

Your Message is Delivered

3. Your Message is Delivered
Your personalized message is now sent directly to your customers!

Marketing via Text Messaging

Marketing via Text Messaging

Text target marketing

TextHub gives you the toolset needed to market new productions, promotions, news and more directly via an easy to use text messaging solution. We simplify the process for sending personalized mass text messages directly to your customers.

Online Registration

Let people signup to personalized text messaging groups

TextHub makes it easy for your customers, friends, and colleagues to signup to your text messaging groups. Simply link directly to TextHub’s hosted personalized registration form or copy and paste our HTML code directly on your web site for simple integration to your system. Or simply copy and paste your list of names and phone numbers into the online admin system to quickly migrate your existing list.

To Get Started:

  1. Signup for a TextHub Mass Text Account
  2. Copy and Paste the HTML Code or Link to TextHub’s Personalized Registration Page
  3. Send Your Messages
Online Registration
Want to know more?

The Mobile text message marketing service is:

  • Easy to use
  • Fully automated
  • Web-based
  • Non-spam (customer opt-in)
  • Personalized addressed to receiver by name
  • Individual information that is requested by and relevant to receiver
  • Two-way dialogue from business to consumer with customer reply capability making it possible for companies to gather important demographic and psychographic information from willing customers.
  • And at the lowest cost due to its unique software solution in mobile text message marketing.

The Mobile text message marketing service can be utilized by businesses to:

  • Create campaigns and offers relevant to each shopper’s specific interests
  • Connect in real time to satisfy customer needs such as appointment reminders, sales item alerts, order status and delivery mobile text message marketing tracking.
  • Establish loyalty programs, promotions, contests.
  • Offer customer support/problem resolution in real time
  • Respond in real time to customer inquiries on a fully automated basis.
  • Establish Customer database information based on customer response
So Why TextHub?

Send Text Messages to your customers with TextHub’s intuitive toolset of text messaging capabilities. With our advanced toolset you can quickly and easily send messages to your customers and receive messages from your subscribers and the world.

Watch your customer loyalty sky rocket when information, coupons, notices and more is delivered directly to their mobile phone.

  • TextHub’s easy Opt-In / Opt-Out solution makes it easy to add users, and even easier for users to unsubscribe.
  • Manage your contacts with our online phone book. Upload from excel and download to your computer.
  • TextHub is making it easier to send messages to your customers by allowing you to send messages directly from your mobile phone
  • Send a link along with your text message to offer additional instant information to your recipients.
  • Keep your information with you by downloading your incoming messages, contacts and outgoing log.
  • All though TextHub is the easiest way to text message your customers, we offer 24×7 online support with frequently asked questions, tutorials, and best practices for your industry.

Looking for a platform to develop on? Connect to our API or purchase an open-source license of our software.

Learn More

Start communicating with your customers with two-way text messaging, auto responders with text keywords.

We Offer a White Label Text Messaging / Reseller solution

Are you looking to start your own business or have a successful new-age marketing company looking to offer text messaging solutions to the world? TextHub will help you setup a branded web site with a fully integrated system to manage your Text Messaging accounts.

TextHub’s Power & Infrastructure Branded with Your Company!

Are you looking to start your own business or have a successful new-age marketing company looking to offer text messaging solutions to the world? TextHub will help you setup a branded web site with a fully integrated system to manage your Text Messaging accounts.

Leverage TextHub’s platform, while you run the business with these benefits:

  • Fully-Customized Interface That Displays Only Your Logo
    We provide you with a feature-rich management panel with your own logo, which will allow you to administer your customers and track their marketing campaigns.
  • Completely Web-Based Interface That Is Accessible From Anywhere
    You are free to access the White Label interface from any location, at any time, thus being able to track your business activity around the clock.
  • Set Your Own Pricing
    As a reseller of our services, you are free to set your own prices.
  • Unlimited Keyword Usage
    Setup unlimited keywords for all your accounts with ease.
  • Unlimited User Accounts
    This means you can sell this service to as many businesses as your heart desires.
  • Detailed Customer Specific Statistics
    The fully-integrated interface allows for a web-based monitoring of your customers. You will have access to real-time statistics for each customer’s account, including incoming and outgoing messages, number of keywords, account status, and more.
  • Platform Usage Reporting
    You will also be able to monitor the usage of your own branded platform.System-wide traffic can be viewed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

    Our platform and infrastructure was built from the ground up leveraging the latest technology and software architecture components available.

  • Quick Start-up
    Becoming a White Label Reseller is quick and easy with no investment in hardware, software or upfront costs.
  • Recurring Income And Revenue
    If it is used properly, the program can become a life-time source of substantial income for you.
  • Everyone is Eligible for Our White Label Program
    No previous experience in the area is required. You will have access to our promotion materials that you can freely tailor to your particular needs. Feel free to contact us whenever you need our support and advice. Signup now to start selling text messaging services to businesses nationwide.

How to get started:

Simply click here to start setting up your white label account. To get started we require a few small things to brand our admin console with your company’s information and logo.

What you need to get started:

  • Your Company’s Information
  • Your Company’s Logo
  • Point Your Admin Domain to our Servers

Click here to setup your White Label account now and we’ll give you step by step directions on how to get started!