High response Rate

Your audience will respond to your text messages more than you can keep up with.

High Read Rate

Your message will be read in minutes. There is no other communication on earth that will deliver an alert to a phone and have it read.

High Delivery Rate

With a tier 1 aggregator your messages will be successfully delivered, read, and responded to at the speed of light.

Results matter

Premium service comes at a premium cost. Don't be penny wise and dollar foolish. Other providers have such a poor delivery rate that the messages hardly get read.  

Over 200+ countries get our messages
You Are About To Build A Mobile Movement

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The most effective tool this century.

Easy to Use

Great Features

Global Texts(SMS) delivered & received by TextHub

Mass Text Messaging

Keep In Touch With Your Customers, Fans and Colleagues

TextHub’s Mass Text Messaging solution allows you to send unlimited personalized text messages directly to your customers, fans or colleagues via our easy to use online interface. Simply select the recipients, all or groups enter your message and send.

What we offer with our mass text messaging solution:

-Send UNLIMITED messages for one low monthly fee
-Allow users to signup for Specific Groups
-Schedule the time for your message to send out
-Each message is personalized with the recipient’s name
-Easy to use online interface
-Allow users to send replies for two-way communication

Smart Auto Replies

Dedicated Customer Support via Text Messaging

Dedicated Customer Support via Text Messaging phone number will automatically reply to the sender and can conduct other actions. Allow customers to query your text assistant for specials, promotions, hours, directions, and more.

You can quickly and easily setup unlimited auto replies to do the following actions, your potential is endless:

-Send a pre-defined message back
-Forward the message to an email address
-Connect to a web service for more information
-Forward the message to another mobile number
-Add the response to survey results
-Post the message on a web site

Schedule Unlimited Reminders

Easily set schedules and send reminders as text message

With TextHub’s Reminder Service we have created the simplest way to set your own scheduled reminders, setup reminders for your customers, or build reminders into your existing applications. Text Message Reminders are the best way to communicate appointments, weekly tasks, RSVP reminders and the easiest way not to forget.

Whether you have your own accounting firm, doctor’s office, night club or a client service business text reminders are a perfect fit.

Solution Integration

Integrate with Texthub’s Software

TextHub has built an extensive API to easily allow you to integrate TextHub functionality directly into your existing web site and/or applications. Simply connect to our API, post a message and TextHub will do the rest. We now open up a world of text message reminders, updates, notifications and more.

No matter what your business or your end solution offers, TextHub’s integrated solution will assist in advancing your opportunities:

-Built on Web Services Technology
-Full API with Integration Examples
-Integrate into any solution


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