How to Connect with People?

The Problem

How to connect with people at the right time with the right message; affordably?

The Solution

Use the technology that people take with the everywhere and respond to immediately: the cell phone.

  • Mobile is Wanted – A far cry from spammy emails, intrusive robo-calls or junk mail circulars, mobile marketing is effective because it’s sent by request only.
  • Mobile is Immediate – Traditional mediums can take hours, days or weeks to reach your audience. Our system delivers upto a thousand messages each second. Mobilize an audience immediately. Break your news immediately. Get feedback from your constituents, right now. After all, he who hesitates is lost.
  • Mobile is Sticky – People keep their mobile devices with them at all times. Its the newspaper that doesn’t get left at home. Its the event details that doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Its a direct connection, from you to your constituent’s pocket.
  • The Potential – 90% of the text messages get read usually within an hour of sending. Even with minimal promotion, you can see one in seven people respond. Mobile programming is a proven way to grow your support base, organize large groups, spread your message, and mobilize action.
  • Organic Growth – Mobile campaigns are built for organic growth. All it takes is a simple request: “Please forward this text message to your friends.” and one text message can go viral – spreading awareness, growing your base, and creating massive calls to action.
  • News Alerts – Make sure whenever important news occurs, your constituents are the first to know.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Be the goto resource for quick information related to your business. Know everything which is being used in the market and visit sites like to know more, as it can help you in many ways. Create keywords to answer hours, directions, specials, updates, and more. Google, eat your heart out.
  • Check your pulse – Create multiple-choice questionnaire or ask for open-ended responses; you will get better participation or faster turnaround than ever before.
  • Promotion, Simplified – Promotion can be as simple as having event attendees send a text message to your number. Advertisements, websites, posters, mailers, hand-off cards, emails, social networks, and media can also encourage new signups.
  • Immediate Gratification – The customer receives a text message immediately after signup. This demonstrate the value of participating in our campaign and familiarize them with how the messaging system works.
  • Built-in Tracking – Our system tracks all incoming and outgoing message content, participation frequency, turnaround time and campaign popularity.
  • Make your Work Harder – Convert your organization’s phone number into a mobile marketing hub, and have the luxury of reaching out to your audience exactly when the time is right. Our system is made for advanced programming integration with existing databases, and lets you send unlimited messages at any time.