Text Message Marketing for Cleaners

The Economy has slowed down, but why should your business?

When it comes to promoting your cleaners, TextHub delivers something that snail mail and email can’t: TRAFFIC! Only TextHub puts your ad in front of a targeted audience ready to react… at a cost far less than you’re currently spending. And unlike un-clipped coupons or never opened emails, cell phone users want to hear from you. Our opt in process ensures that your promotion is only placed in front of an interested audience.

How can your business benefit from text message marketing?

  • Quickly and efficiently test offers, messaging and timing.
  • Grow your customer base by offering discounts for signing up.
  • Launch viral campaigns, like “Refer a Friend” that provide rewards and create brand advocates.
  • Drive repeat business by texting coupons.
  • Use ongoing daily and weekly specials to generate business on slower days.

(The following is an example message from the Duty cleaners maid service to a customer in its customer base who has opted in to receive notices, such as coupons and special offers.)

Dear Scott… May 11-15 is customer appreciation week. Show this text to receive 50% off. Forward this message to a friend and they’ll receive the same great offer! We’re open until 7pm M-F.

The value of these customer contacts via text result most importantly in increased customer satisfaction, brand allegiance and increased sales, and efficiency.

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