What mobile content will your audience actually OPEN?

You can send your mobile subscribers almost anything.  Its always best to send new fresh content in different formats though.  Try to mix up the content as much as possible.  From our tests the last few years we have found that 5 formats stand out among the rest!  So, without further adieu.

Below are the top 5 ways to get your mobile audience to actually read your message.

But first…

It’s imperative you shorten any links via this little tool from Google! http://goo.gl

See the difference…

Normal – http://www.texthub.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/TextHub-Marketing-Flyer.pdf

Shortened – http://goo.gl/FFFTv

Also,you always need a teaser before the link.  Think of it as a good subject line of an email so the reader knows the high value they will be getting when they open the link.

For example.. What mobile content will your audience actually OPEN? [Read more http://goo.gl/FFFTv]


Back to the content…

● Video – Use youtube since its the standard and will display nicely on any phone(its free!). If a picture is worth a thousand words then video must be worth a million words. For example:
How to make your own pesticides at home. http://goo.gl/Xnrve

● Infographic – An infographic can convey a tremendous amount of information efficiently on a mobile phone. The trick is to make the infographic narrow instead of wide. This will be much easier for the user to scroll down to read.
For example:
Why you should have a mobile friendly website infographic http://goo.gl/r4pwM

● Blog Post – Literally any blog post, web page, article etc can be sent to a mobile phone to read. Its important that the blog post is very relevant and your audience will actually want to read it obviously. You should never just blast out random blog articles to your audience.
For example:
Check out our latest blog post on how to do yoga in the winter http://goo.gl/sNqOc

● Picture – Usually supporting a point or some sort of statement. For example:
a) Look at the current weather on Highway 90 http://goo.gl/HFJPt
b) This is the parasite that has infested your county crops http://goo.gl/EqJns
c) Here are the 50% off clearance items. So hurry! http://goo.gl/5MWKV

● Presentation – Yes, you can actually send a presentation and heres how. The easiest way is to turn your presentation into a PDF. Regardless what presentation format you had originally you can always turn it into a PDF.
For example:
Presentation on using mobile marketing for your business http://goo.gl/9eXBl