Why Doctors Should Use Text Messaging


Like any business, doctors are always seeking innovate ways to
communicate efficiently and effectively with their customers. While postal
mailings, phone calls and email newsletters have been utilized to maintain
good customer service and increase sales, text message (or SMS) is evolving
as the preferred method of receiving “information updates” and promos.
Although text messaging started as a peer-to-peer communication, doctors
like other businesses are adopting this practice in order to keep in touch with
their customers. The advantage of text message marketing is your message
arrives in the recipients hand with no spam filters, snail mail, junk mail or
hang-ups to worry about; it’s read when it’s received.
Broadly, it’s all about the “psychology” of text messages. They reach people
wherever they are, anytime, day or night with a sense of personal
communication – “the message is right here in my pocket.” TextHub’s
unique methods such as greetings, auto-replies and dedicated numbers
(short code available too) entice the recipient to read and respond.