How do you know when your message has reached your target?


When it comes to promoting your cleaners, TextHub delivers some-thing that snail mail and email can’t: TRAFFIC! Only TextHub puts your ad in front of a targeted audience ready to react…at a cost far less than you’re currently spending. And unlike un-clipped coupons or never-opened emails, cell phone users want to hear from you. Our opt-in process ensures that your promotion is only placed in front of an interested audience.
How can your business benefit from text message marketing?
 Quickly and efficiently test offers, messaging and timing.
 Grow your customer base by offering discounts for signing up, after which, you have to keep a close eye on the sales statistics and monitor them.
 Launch viral campaigns, like “Refer a Friend” that provide re-wards and create brand advocates.
 Drive repeat business by texting coupons.
 Use ongoing daily and weekly specials to generate business on slower days.
(The following is an example message from a dry cleaner to a cus-tomer in its customer base who has opted in to receive notices, such as coupons and special offers.)
Dear Scott… May 11-15 is customer appreciation week. Show this text to receive 50% off. Forward this message to a friend and they’ll receive the same great offer! We’re open until 7pm M-F.
The value of these customer contacts via text result most impor-tantly in increased customer satisfaction, brand allegiance and increased sales, and efficiency.
How do you know when your message
has reached your target?

Text Message Fast Facts

  • 85% of Americans have cell phones vs. 73% who have Inter-net access.
  • 95% of all cell phones in the US can be reached via text.
  • 94% read rate!
  • 90% opened within 3 minutes!
  • 23% of text campaign messages are forwarded.
  • Offers sent via text convert 10-20 times higher than either email or direct mail.
  • 12% of US mobile subscribers who receive a text ad respond to it.
  • Over 84% of US consumers will not leave home without their cell phone.